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Heavy Tackle Game Fishing

Heavy tackle game fishing is a method used to catch large fish, particularly marlin, but other species such as tuna, wahoo, mackerel, and mahi mahi may also be caught. This technique involves the use of robust rods and reels, as well as heavy line classes ranging from 80lb to 130lb.

Men Catching a huge Marlin on the Kaizen Sports Fishing Charter

Light Tackle Game Fishing

In light tackle game fishing, a lighter line of 1kg to 10kg is used to pursue smaller species of Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish and a host of other species. Although the fish are smaller, they are of similar species to those targeted in heavy tackle game fishing.

Sports Fishing

Sports Fishing involves catching fish using a variety of techniques such as rod and reel, fly fishing, bait casting and other techniques.
The primary goal of sports fishing is not necessarily to catch fish for food or profit, but rather to enjoy the challenge and experience of catching fish, as well as to appreciate the natural environment.

Sunshine Coast Kaizen Charters Luxury Sports Fishing

Reef Fishing

Reef fishing or “bottom bouncing” involves fishing structure on the bottom. This structure may be coral reef, rocky reef, gravel or other structure.
A very wide range of fish species such as Snapper Pearl Perch, Red Emperor, Nannygai and a host of other species. We also do deep dropping in water over 200 metres for Bar Cod, Blue Eye Trevalla, Flame Snapper, Ruby Snapper and a bunch of other species.

Reef Fishing Kaizen Sport-Fishing Charters

Reef and Island Cruising

Let Kaizen Sport Fishing Charters take you reef and island cruising around North Queensland’s most incredible coral reefs and tropical islands. This type of charter can be done in a variety of ways, such as full day trips, overnight trips and extended trips. Reef and island cruising is a popular activity to experience in Mooloolaba and Cairns and can be a great way to explore the beauty of these scenic Sunshine Coast areas.

Kaizen Charters Reef and Island Cruising

Record Fishing

Record fishing involves chasing large fish of a given species and a specific line class in order to beat existing records. Requires high angling and boat driving skills. Not for the faint hearted but enormously rewarding.